Rebuilt Rear Axle, 206 Disc Brakes with ABS

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A scrap axle part with no warranty or guarantee fails to live up to the expectations. Instead of settling for something that can't guarantee prolonged car life, why not opt for this axle that is desgined exclusively to provide a quick, cost effective but secure alternative. (Ideal for older, less valuable models that have failed an MOT)

Even though this particular item is considered a low-cost option, the level of proficient quality and high grade workmanship skills are never compromised. The care taken during a full refurbishing or a new axle is implemented in here as well. For customer satisfaction and confidence, we have extended out warranty for a full 1 year. 
All work is handled by trained professionals with above five years of mastered  experience in working with the following merchandise. 

The axle is produced using the following process;
  • -The axle will be dismantled and inspected professionally for any structural deficiencies. 

    -All parts will undergo cleaning but not painting. 

    -All worn parts will be replaced. Every axle will be fitted with a new SKF quality bearing and bushes are to be replaced where necessary. 

    -Finally, the axle will be reassembled to original manufacturers specification by our trained engineers

Comprehensive 1 Years Manufacturers Warranty
Our years of veetran experience and stringent quality control allows us to offer to you a full 1 year manufacturers warranty on this rebuilt item. 

Our simple warranty terms are as follows-

-Warranty on the axles will be levied for 1 year, starting from the date of purchase. 
-An axle failure will only be acknowledged if the axle is being diagnosed as faulty by a recognised garage, dealership or by ourselves. 
-Axle part replacement or exchange from bent or accident damaged parts are not entertained. (damage incurred from competitng in any form of motorsport is also inclusive in this term)

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