Refurbished Rear Axle, Xsara Estate Drum No ABS

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Refurbished Rear Axle for Citroen Xsara Estate, Disc Brakes with NO ABS

This refurbished axle part is produced to the highest possible standard in our factory in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Every re-manufactured axle supplied by IM Axle Specialists goes through the following process-

  • Component parts are sandblasted to remove corrosion and dirt
    Axle is dismantled into component parts
    The trailing arms are inspected for any irregularities in dimensions
    Everything is repainted in factory original colours using hard wearing twin pack epoxy paint
    Precision-engineered harderned axle shafts replace the original axle shafts 
     SKF quality bearings and seals replaces the new centre tube and internal bearings
    Axle is reassembled to the factory ride height* by professional engineers with over five years experience working with Citroen and Peugeot rear axles
  • *Custom lowered or highered ride heights will be arranged on demand with no extra cost. Please specify while ordering.
Comprehensive 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty
Comprehensive 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty
Our years of veetran experience and stringent quality control allows us to offer to you a full 2 year manufacturers warranty on all re-manufactured products 

Our simple warranty terms are as follows-

-Warranty on the axles will be levied for 2 year, starting from the date of purchase. 
-An axle failure will only be acknowledged if the axle is being diagnosed as faulty by a recognised garage, dealership or by ourselves. 
-Axle part replacement or exchange from bent or accident damaged parts are not entertained. (damage incurred from competitng in any form of motorsport is also inclusive in this term) 

Full 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
You will get a 14-day money back guarantee on this product. If you're not satisfied with the product you have received, a full refund of the price amount will be given to you, once we receive the returned item.
Prices are inclusive of VAT. VAT invoice will be supplied with shipment. 
All our products are dispatched within one working day. We endeavour for customers to receive all products next day, wherever possible. 
You can avail international delivery worldwide through our distribution partners Fedex. To receive specific delivery quote, kindly drop us a mail at 
Price Matching
We will match any legitimate price for a refurbished axle of equivalent quality. 

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