Peugeot 306 / Citroen Xsara / Citroen ZX Rear Axle Centre Tube with Bearings

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Peugeot 306 and Citroen Xsara/ZX rear axles often tend to suffer from excessive water damage and wear which is why during repair, the centre tube of the axle becomes too damaged to be replaced by axle bearings. Hence, we at Im Axle Specialists have devised a cost effective solution for you. With this part you can now easily repair your axle without putting in the hard work. The center tube is made to fit with bearings included and fitted. Inclusive in the kit is the outer bearing seal and a small metal ring. This part is a direct swap for all OE axle centre tubes for Peugeot 306 and Citroen Xsara/ZX.



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